Diptych Mono-print in black box frames (420mm x 420mm each)

Living in environment alongside with predators, many animals possess camouflage markings that reduce the risk of detection by visually hunting predators. I am very lucky to encounter a wild female Golden Dove in my Fiji trip. This endemic Fiji specie surprise me how well it camouflage into it environment. I have to admit, if i didn’t saw this bird flew into the tree, I will never acknowledge she was there. While I following it around, there were many time I not able to locate it even I know the direct location it flew into.


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Product Description

TITLE: Camouflage (Golden Dove)
MEDIA: Diptych Mono-print
DATE: 2016
SIZE: 420mm (w) x 420mm (h)

Additional Information

Dimensions 42 x 42 cm


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