I am an experienced Graphic Designer with many hobbies, one of which is creating pictures (painting, digital drawing, and photography).


Oceania Mix 2017-18

This 10-piece collection of artwork evolves from the culture in Oceania, based on imagination and cultural integration. I have tried to show how the Oceanic cultures have some strong similarities. I have also tried to show the possibilities if they were to be mixed together again, the possibility of intertwining each other.

Piece of Christchurch 2012

The Canterbury Earthquakes inspired me to create a series of artwork on earthquake rubble that my friends and I collected from old Canterbury buildings that were damaged or demolish during/ after the 2011 earthquake. There were 50 pieces of work.

“Christchurch was my home, seeing it falling into pieces is not easy.”

download collection: Piece of Christchurch 2012-INT

Art In The City 2012

The city I live in today is very different from the one I knew before, and for some time I have looked at it and seen depression. We have lost a lot of places we used to visit, among them the cafés, shops, and galleries.

One sunny afternoon I took my camera and walked around the city, searching for inspiration and found although we may have lost our art gallery, art had not left the city.

Art in the city

Stamp Style 2011

Stamp Style was developed in 2011 and the range of images in this series has continued to grow, with more than 80 species of New Zealand flora/fauna in the collection. The collection sells very well around New Zealand through independent promotion.

Stamp Style

Passion & Emotion (Faceless) 2007-2010

The series of works about passion and emotion.

Oceania Mix 2018
Wallace Art Award 2014 (finalists)
Auckland Illuminate Exhibition 2013
Art Menagerie Exhibition 2013
Art Insite Exhibition 2012
Lumes Cafe Exhibition 2012
Christchurch Pride Week Exhibition 2012
The Original Art Sale 2010
Christchurch Pride Week: Queer Takes Art Exhibition 2010
St Albans Art Society Mall Exhibition 2010
Kindly invited to Korean Presbyterian Church’s Gala Festival 2010
St Albans Art Society Exhibition 2009
Christchurch Pride Week Exhibition 2009